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» » » » Is it possible to add DLE tags in php file?

Is it possible to add DLE tags in php file?

besoh 9-01-2017, 08:48

Is it possible to add DLE tags in a custom php file such as: [category] text [/category], [xfgiven_x] [xfvalue_x] [/xfgiven_x] etc. and then include this php file in tpl files?
I am tryin to do something like this:

if ($condition) {
    [category] Show my stuff here [/category]
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besoh 19 Şubat 2017 23:28
@MaRZoCHi, thanks for answering.
I was trying the other day to insert some advertising to my website using php and cookies that would display only to certain user groups and only to specific categories. Therefore the necessity to use the tags in php file and include the file in template as is it not possible to add php directly to the template file.
Perhaps it is a solution to include some file from Engine's code which contain the tags, to this new php file?

Thank you!
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MaRZoCHi 3 Şubat 2017 21:29
You can use PHP codes in tpl but it'll a security problem. What you need, explain. Maybe we can solve with another methods.