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MWS Film Reader

JonnyRipper 13-03-2016, 17:00
Hello all,
I own some doubts about this module.

First Doubt:
I wanted to add to each movie page two buttons to mark the film as seen and schedule the same.
The module has the option to add these two buttons?

I found these buttons on a site that uses the same module.
Schedule Fiml Buttom:
Mark as Viewed Buttom:

I noticed that the two buttons use the same function of requests:
Requests: index.php?do=film-requests
Schedule Film: index.php?do=watchmovie
Mark as Viewed: index.php?do=watched

Second Doubt:
The module has the option to add waterflag on the movie images, but I wanted to add one more thing on top of that:
MWS Film Reader
How can I do this?

Third Doubt:
How I can put buttoms to users can see the most famous movies, top rated, most viewed and also an option to choose a movie randomly?
The buttons I want to add are the following:
MWS Film Reader

Fourth Doubt:
I noticed that this site movies have a button on top of the films:
MWS Film Reader
HD Buttom
Clicking this button I'm redirected to a page which shows me all movies of this quality.
I think it is a tag, I noticed that the url of the site is as follows:
How it works and how to work with this xfsearch?
How can I add that kind of buttons on top of the films?
How do I add these types of tag to work with xfsearch?

Thank you,
I appreciate your help.
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MaRZoCHi 16 Mart 2016 10:55
* For schedule and watched films, you can create new modules like favorites module on system.
* Please search for "jquery tab menu" and try to install than you can use
{ custom }
code for this.
* On design questions, must be site address. We can't write code without seeing.

3 779
MaRZoCHi 14 Mart 2016 22:42
Please update images, "this thread not valid" for our rules.
When I enter or any image, redirect to

So, upload all images to site directly.

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